How to Choose the Right Marketing Agency for my Business?

posted byMuse Media Marketing1/25/2021

Choosing the right marketing agency is crucial to achieving your goals. Therefore, it is important to find a marketing agency that is result-driven.

There are many facets to marketing strategy and as traditional and digital marketing become increasingly integrated, developing an effective campaign can become complex.

In this article, we will discuss:

What Result-Driven Marketing Is

Choosing the right marketing agency is about the results they generate and how well these results align with the goals of your business.

Therefore, the most important step to determining which marketing agency best suits your business is to examine the results they have produced for businesses with similar goals.

Result-driven marketing is driven by analytics or the way in which results are measured. Analytics can provide a range of insights, from the bounce rate on your website to the demographics of the audience that engages with your social media platforms .

All of these insights are extremely valuable because they help you create highly targeted advertising campaigns based on consumer behavior data of your target market.

Additionally, these insights can facilitate ideas for product development, based on data surrounding the needs and desires of stratified portions of the population and based on data about which products are selling and which are not.

Now, let’s dive into the metrics that provide valuable insights into the results of an advertising campaign.

The first metric that guides advertising is the number of conversions or the number of people who click on your advertisement end up buying your product or service.

Conversions are a crucial metric because they communicate if your advertising is producing a return on investment (ROI). In other words, your advertising may be reaching a number of people but those people are not becoming customers.

Another important metric for measuring the success of advertising campaigns is click-through-rate (CTR).

CTR is the number of audience members who choose to click on your advertisement after seeing it.

Although this does not mean they will convert, it means that your advertisement has enough impact for the user to take a certain action after seeing it.

Finally, advertisers engage in A/B testing. This means they track the action they hope a customer to take, whether that is to visit their website or make a purchase, before and after advertising efforts, or in response to similar advertisements with subtle differences in messaging or content.

For example, a marketer will track the number of purchases made in response to two advertisements that have the same messaging but have different images.

What a Marketing Agency Offers

There are a number of benefits from hiring a marketing agency to handle marketing strategy and the creation of campaigns to advertise your business.

First, marketing agencies help with the initial stages of promoting your business branding and design.

This includes developing a brand personality and designing the aesthetics of your brand, such as logos and brand colors.

Second, marketing agencies assist in digital marketing efforts, such as running social media platforms and creating email marketing campaigns.

Marketing agencies are experts in digital marketing strategy, meaning they understand how messages need to be delivered and framed online.

In the social media marketing space, a marketing agency can help you coordinate with influencers to promote your business, as well as create and manage social media content , including implementing social media analytics.

Finally, a marketing agency can help with traditional marketing strategies. Although we live in a digital world, traditional marketing still plays an important role in advertising.

Traditional marketing can mean the creation of outdoor and indoor advertising like billboards or it can mean creating a direct mail campaign.

Marketing agencies have a range of services, meaning the examples given above do no limit what a marketing agency can do.

From developing Google Ads to maintaining public relations, hiring a marketing professional is sure to increase your visibility and help you achieve your business goals.

How Muse Media Marketing Drives Results

Muse Media Marketing is a results-driven agency that ensures your business goals are met.

Let’s explore a few of the many successful campaigns Muse Media Marketing has produced in a wide range of industries.

First, Muse Media has worked with a number of restaurants to increase their number of reservations.

For example, Muse Media’s campaign for Olive Grill , a Mediterranean restaurant in Los Angeles, increased restaurant traffic by 70% through branding, menu design, direct mail marketing, Google ads, social media ads.

Additionally, Muse Media worked with Mixtape , a restaurant pop-up to expand its clientele by 50% within the first three months of opening.

Second, Muse Media has worked with RTVi , an international multimedia platform for the Russian speaking community to increase sales by 25% and increase its conversion rate by 15%.

Through marketing efforts such as indoor and outdoor advertising and content production, RTVi was able to increase its target market’s overall brand awareness both in the United States and Internationally.

Finally, Muse Media Marketing has also marketed products, such as Eva Water.

Their campaign with Eva Water , which included branding, graphic design for the logo and product packaging, increased sales of the product by 60% and helped attract high-end clients like nightclubs and restaurants.


Building a marketing campaign that delivers results is anything but simple. A successful business is much more than a great product or service. In order for a product or service to sell marketing efforts need to be targeted and based on metrics.

Our team and Muse Media Marking will not only help you create an effective marketing campaign that will resonate with your target audience but will also ensure that your goals are met.

If you are ready to take your advertising campaign to the next level, book a consultation with Muse Media Marketing today!

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