Eva Water

Muse Media Marketing actively worked with Eva Water to create a custom logo and unique bottle packaging that fit with the brand’s visual identity. We also worked on establishing the brand’s positioning and on communicating its key messages.




● Branding
● Graphic design (Logo + Product Packaging)
● Corporate Van Design


● Sales increased by 60%
● New A-class clients in the restaurants and nightclubs industry
● Creation of a strong visual brand identity

The goals

● Define a unique visual brand identity and powerful branding guidelines that will make the brand stand out.
● Consolidate the brand positioning as a trendy and high-quality water bottle brand in the restaurant and entertainment industry.
● Establish the brand’s key messages and how they will be communicated to its target audience.

The strategy

Muse Media Marketing created a strong branding strategy for Eva Water, focusing on visual identity and brand communications. Our team of talented graphic designers created a custom and unique logo for the brand. They also worked on designing the bottle packaging from scratch and on the brand’s color palette and imagery. Finally, we also worked on defining the brand communications strategy to establish its brand positioning.

The results

With a successful implementation of our branding strategy, Eva Water was able to increase its sales by 40%. Eva Water bottles are now being used at very popular restaurants and nightclubs, and the brand is currently solidifying its positioning. The branding guidelines created also strengthened the brand’s visual identity. They allowed the brand to organize and consolidate its graphic design initiatives for the long-term.

"They allowed the brand to organize and consolidate its graphic design initiatives for the long term."