Direct Mail Advertising: Benefits, How to Create a Campaign

posted byMuse Media MarketingFebruary 3, 2022

We live in a predominantly digital world, but this in no way undermines the efficacy of advertising with direct mail. Having stood the test of time, advertising through direct mail increases sales and lead generation.

Are you interested in beginning a direct mail advertising campaign? In this article, you will learn:

The Benefits of Advertising with Direct Mail

Despite a major shift towards digital marketing , direct mail still has the highest response rate of its digital counterparts.

Because direct mail can be customized and is sent directly to the consumer, as the name suggests, it tends to have a high return on investment.

Unlike emails, which have very low response-rates and click-through rates of less than 1%, emails are tangible and are opened and read by the consumer at the very least.

The US Postal Service reported that 53% of Americans read the envelope of every piece of mail they receive.

Despite what many people might think, most people enjoy receiving mail because it is a very personal marketing approach and therefore shows that the brand put in additional effort to communicate with their customers.

Since direct mail is tangible, a reader can physically hold it, and it physically exists in the consumer’s space until it gets thrown out. On the other hand, many consumers immediately delete marketing emails without even reading the subject.

Additionally, one can easily find a list of addresses to send their mail to since much of this information is public information.

Because this data is available to marketers, not only can a marketer compile a large list of addresses quickly, but it also provides easy access to a wealth of useful demographic information, such as age and profession.

Demographic information allows for more targeted marketing, and with the technology available for direct mail campaigns, there are many opportunities for customization.

Finally, with a return on investment (ROI) of 29 %, advertising with direct mail is cost-effective. So if expensive digital campaigns have not been effective for your business, it would be wise to give a direct mail campaign a try.

However, if you already have a digital campaign, direct mail is a great supplement!

How Advertising With Direct Mail Works

The first step in creating a successful direct mail advertising campaign is to develop high-quality printed material.

Since the aesthetic quality of your print campaign will be the first thing a consumer sees, it is essential that it is both engaging and representative of your brand.

A direct mail advertising campaign works by compiling a list of consumers in the target audience that the brand hope’s to reach.

Here at Muse Meda Marketing, we help you compile a mailing list though clients’ lists, streets, and zip codes.

Next, the mail is sent out to the audience! With the help of tracking systems such as “ Every Door Direct Mail ” through the US Postal Service, a brand can create a mailing plan and select postal routes.

Additionally, successful direct mail advertising campaigns are persistent. So, send your audience more mail to help maintain top-of-mind awareness!

Finally, it is important to track the success of your direct mail campaign in order to evaluate if it provides a return on investment. Which offers are your customers taking advantage of? Which graphics are getting the most responses? Track this information and make the necessary changes.

How to Create a Successful Direct Mail Advertising Campaign

Advertising with direct mail, like other marketing strategies, is most successful when created for a target audience. Especially considering direct mail’s personal nature, it must connect with the consumer.

Personalizing your campaign can simply be done by beginning the letter with each audience member’s name. Or, since direct mail advertising relies on stratifying the target audience geographically, an advertising campaign can choose to make local anecdotes.

Another way to ensure a successful direct mail advertising campaign is by using engaging graphics that demand the audience’s attention and use these visuals to convey a clear message.

Whether your goal is for the audience to take advantage of an offer or your goal is to increase traffic to your website, using clear and consistent messaging is key!

Similarly, it is important to include a clear call-to-action when advertising with direct mail. Since your audience cannot click a link, as they would in an email campaign, it becomes even more imperative to explain with what steps to take next.

Make sure to repeat this call-to-action multiple times so that your audience fully understands the offer you are presenting.

Finally, as previously mentioned, direct mail is a great supplement for other concurrent advertising campaigns that the brand is running. However, make sure that the messaging is consistent across all channels.

Direct Mail: Conclusion

Advertising with direct mail, whether in conjunction with other marketing efforts or on its own, will elevate your business and increase your sales.

Our team and Muse Media Marking will not only help you created high-quality and engaging prints for your direct mail campaign but will also work directly with you to create a customized marketing strategy for your brand.

Whether it is business cards, brochures, branding books, restaurant menus, and posters, the talented graphic designers at Muse Media Marketing will create the eye-popping content that is sure to get your customer’s attention!

The marketing experts at Muse Media Marketing will efficiently mail your materials and ensure they reach your client’s doorstep quickly!

If you are ready to get your direct mail advertising campaign started, book a consultation with Muse Media Marketing today.

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