Video Production: How to Produce Quality Video Advertising

posted byMuse Media Marketing11/9/2020

Video content is one of the most effective ways to boost your brand’s visibility and create a tangible brand image for your target audience. Producing quality video content is more accessible than most brands would think and provides a huge return on investment.

If you are looking to create video content for your brand, in this article, we will discuss:

The Benefits of Video Marketing

There are many benefits to marketing with video content:

Video marketing has proven to be insanely profitable.

Although it is common knowledge that producing video content is expensive, it provides a high return on investment because of the amount of profit generated.

A study by the Aberdeen Group found that companies who have implemented video content in their marketing strategies are growing their revenue 49% faster than those who have not implemented video marketing.

This is because video marketing helps drive conversions by influencing consumers’ purchase decisions.

Video marketing is measurable.

Any content that provides marketers with data, allows for future marketing to be more strategic and effective by assessing the success of the content from an analytical lens.

Video analytics, such as how many views a video has or what segment of the population is watching the video, provide valuable insights for marketing efforts, and overall business development.

Video content tells a story.

Our media landscape is highly saturated, as hundreds of brands drown audiences in constant messaging, all of them competing for top-of-mind awareness.

Producing video content ensures that your brand stands out from the crowd because it presents the opportunity to engage with your audience in a personal and visually stimulating way.

Unlike other forms of marketing, video content presents an opportunity to tell a story, presenting a more comprehensive brand image and eliciting an emotional response from the audience.

Video content Improves your website’s SEO

Creating quality video content for your website not only engages your audience, but it also helps boost your website’s search engine rankings. This is because higher search engine rankings are directly linked to how much time a visitor spends on your website.

Engaging video content ensures that visitors stay on your website longer, that the site gets more backlinks, increasing overall traffic and boosting SEO !

Examples of Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most diverse forms of content. It can be curated for television, the web, and social media, and it can achieve a wide range of goals, from increasing website traffic to driving sales and conversions.

Some common forms of video advertising that your business could benefit from include:

Animated explainer videos, which are great for helping explain a business’s product or service. Explainer videos are an exciting addition to your business’s website and can be created using a variety of online animation programs!

Demos, which are a great way to showcase your product and the many ways it can benefit your customers. Many product advertisements choose to use this form of advertising so that audiences can see first-hand how effective and easy the product is to use.

Customer Testimonials, which help increase a product’s credibility. Video advertisements that feature a customer who has brought your product or service and explains how it changed their life for the better inspire others to try the product out for themselves.

How to Create Quality Video Content

With the technology accessible to any size business with any budget, making quality video content only requires time and creativity.

First, you do not need a full production team to create professional-looking content. With a professional videographer and editor, you can produce eye-catching videos that will communicate your brand’s message without breaking the bank.

Second, it is important to have a clear vision and clear goals. Without choosing a clear message to communicate, your video may not translate well to an audience. This means creating a vision board with the feeling you are trying to evoke from your audience, the locations you plan to shoot at, and detail of every shot you will need.

Be sure to plan everything out before the shoot, especially if you do not have the budget for a production team. It is your job to make the brand's vision come to life, and that means detailing every aspect of the video, from every word on the script to every piece of editing.

Finally, know your target audience and decide where they will see this video content. For example, if you are targeting gen-z, you will most likely be marketing on social media. Therefore, the video will need to be cut to fit the one minute allotted time for a regular Instagram post.

Decide what will resonate with this target audience in one minute and what will demand their attention enough to keep them from continuing to scroll past your content.

Video Content Production: Conclusion

Video advertising is versatile, effective, and highly engaging! With video content, the possibilities are endless!

From telling engaging stories to increasing revenue, video advertising ensures your content is making a lasting impact on your target market, and most importantly, driving conversions!

Our team and Muse Media Marking will not only help you create high-quality and engaging advertising campaigns but will also work directly with you to create a customized marketing strategy for your brand.

If you are ready to take your online advertising campaign to the next level, book a consultation with Muse Media Marketing today!

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