Dental Social Media Marketing Ideas That Work

posted byMuse Media MarketingFebruary 3, 2022

Like most dentists, you focus on providing dental services rather than finding new ways to develop dental social media marketing ideas. But how to attract new patients to the dental clinic?

If you want your dental training to flourish, you need at least 24 new patients every month. It would help if you had dental social media marketing ideas to attract new patients. It would be best if you focused on the concept of dental social media marketing to keep your digital marketing campaign effective.

Today's dentists, with a billion active users on Facebook alone, cannot ignore the power of social media. More than 80% of adults use online social networks. That number is convincing more and more small businesses and professionals, including dentists, to consider harnessing the power of social media.

In this article we will be discussing the following things:

Workable Dental Social Media Marketing Ideas

For many times, dentists have depended almost completely on reputation and word-of-mouth marketing to help them build their practice. But we are in 2021, and viewers are often socially involved.

Whether its blogging, video marketing, or paid social advertising, you need to learn more about social media marketing ideas for dentists. Here's how to create the most of your dental social media marketing ideas:

Share Engaging & Valuable Content

When people go to the dentist, they look for everything they want to have a beautiful smile. It means they need commodities and facilities that contribute to oral hygiene, but they also want to understand how to prevent disease and protect teeth.

When you post on social media, show your authority by providing helpful dental hygiene advice. If people find your post useful, they are more likely to share it with friends and family. The result is more involvement in your dental practice .

An important statistic to understand is that 49% say they share content because they think it is valuable and beneficial to others. This content also provides an opportunity to show your authority in the industry.

Get maximum likes

The main goal of social media activities is to get more and more likes. If you have engaging content to share, but few people like it, a small number of people see it there. Therefore, you need to increase your fan base first.

While compelling and valuable content makes your page attractive, other methods can help you get started on your campaign. A simple technique is to invite all current patients to like your page.

Add a message to the appointment reminder, include your Facebook address on the appointment card, and ask the receptionist to deliver a message to each patient you visit.

In addition, you can organize your content and get a lot of viewers in a short period. Post puzzles and quizzes, invite people to like your page and post their answers to get the chance to win exciting prizes.

Make it mobile

In terms of mobility, too much dental practice is still backsliding. They plan marketing strategies for desktop users and decode content for mobile platforms.

It applies to all aspects of digital marketing. But now is the time to change the paradigm, especially when it comes to dental social media marketing ideas.

Current and future patients rely on mobile devices to access all content. If you start from the desktop, you are fighting against yourself. Mobile phones are your patient's top priority.

Use sponsored content

Sponsored content is an advertisement that looks like natural content. By appearing in the news feed, consumers can respond and comment like organic content.

Sponsored content has become an essential part of the success of dental social media, as organic content is less influential than it used to be.

Sponsored content allows you to reach people who don't follow your dental practices. It increases the possibility that future patients will view your content.

Sponsored content also helps increase brand knowledge, so patients who aren't ready to go to the dentist's office are more likely to remember it when they need treatment.

According to Facebook analysis, displaying ads at least once a week increases ad recall for potential brands by 80%.

Live video content

Don't just focus on video content. If you need the best dental social media marketing ideas, follow live video content.

The contents live on becoming more and more popular. Facebook has invested heavily in technologies that help reach new and existing patients. Their method can achieve targeted advertising with live video content.

But Facebook isn't the only one. Twitter, Snap, and Instagram are expanding their contributions and investing in live video technology. Like video content and mobile access, live video is what users need.

With growing distrust of the mass media, live video permits users to connect in real-time. You can also use this video to promote new special offers and connect with your fans socially and pleasantly.

Generate reviews & referrals

Among dental social media marketing ideas, online reviews are another great marketing idea that dentists can take seriously. Approximately 90% of customers are motivated to buy goods and services simply by browsing reviews online.

The more recommendations you get from happy patients, the better the new perspectives for selecting your approach.

Suppose you're having trouble getting a review. In that case, you can always increase your chances of getting a testimonial, such as office visits and discounts on dental hygiene products for those who provide feedback.

Share non-dental content too!

Just because you have a dentist's office doesn't indicate you can't share other things or talk about other non-dentist things. Non-dental content needs to be part of your social media approach.

Find out what your viewers are paying attention to and share content that suits their interests. For example, you can comment on a new restaurant, share local news, or talk about a local soccer team.

Muse Media marketing company-That drives results

It is daunting task to do marketing of your clinic itself. Therefore, you need to hire a best marketing company for your dental social media marketing ideas.

Trustworthy dental social media marketing companies won't sell services you don't want. When looking for a dental social marketing company, pay attention to relevance rather than company size.

Muse Media is a leading full-service dental marketing agency. We accelerate the evolution of practice by properly combining traditional and dental social media marketing ideas. Our team creates customized marketing and advertising strategies that meet your business goals.


Social media marketing is the right way to make connections with audiences. For dentists, this means persuading your patients that you can provide a painless experience. Stay competitive in the latest dental social media marketing ideas.

Contact Muse Media today to start a complete social media marketing campaign. You only focus on the core business. We can do the rest. Please get in touch with us for more information!

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