Facebook vs. Instagram: Social Media Advertising Campaigns

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Social media advertising has proven to be one of the most effective and lucrative ways to advertise businesses, products, and services.

As of 2019, 79% of the United States population uses social media ! This provides marketers with a captive audience that can be easily stratified for targeted marketing.

When it comes to social media advertising, there are many accessible options that provide a substantial return on investment. But today, we are going to compare the two most popular: Facebook and Instagram.

In this article, we will be discussing:

The Benefits of Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has become increasingly popular in recent years because of its reach and its accessibility to businesses of any size and any marketing budget.

Social media advertising is the perfect solution to creating
greater brand awareness . This is because social media is often used passively, consumers discovering products on their feed rather than searching for them.

By creating promoted advertisements on Facebook or Instagram, brands can create awareness of their product or services or remind customers of them.

As most social media platforms allow anyone to create a profile and use the platform for free, with a creative campaign, businesses can turn a profit without incurring additional costs.

Social media advertising also allows for highly targeted marketing. By providing consumer analytics such as age, gender, and location, social media allows businesses to analyze useful analytics to stratify their campaign.

Additionally, social media advertising provides businesses with consumer insights. Other forms of advertising only allow for one-way communication, from business to consumer. Social media advertising, however, allows for increased customer engagement by communicating with the customer directly with the opportunity for the consumer to engage with the brand as well.

Overview of Facebook and Instagram Advertising

In general, Facebook and Instagram both have extensive reach. With Facebook having about 2.7 billion users and Instagram having about 1 billion users , both platforms play a massive role in the way businesses communicate with consumers.

Additionally, both have relatively similar costs for running an advertising campaign and both can be adjusted to fit any budget.

In other words, you can set your advertising budget and Facebook will work within that budget, depending on “Overall amount spent” and “Cost of each result you get.”

On Facebook, CPC (cost-per-click) averages at $0.97 and CPM (cost-per-impression) averages at $7.19.

On Instagram CPC (cost-per-click) averages at $0.20-$2.00 and CPM (cost-per-impression) averages at $6.70

Facebook and Instagram Offer Different Types of Ads

As you might be aware, Facebook owns Instagram, meaning there is some overlap in their advertising offerings.

Facebook Ads manager is used for curating both Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

However, when using the ads manager on Facebook you, as a marketer, can create a more detailed campaign that is highly goal-oriented. Whereas Instagram provides a simpler version.

On Facebook, you have a greater variety of advertising options, from video ads to lead generation ads. This allows advertisers to accomplish specific goals, such as event promotion or increasing leads.

On Instagram, you still have several options to choose from, however, they are less extensive.

Instagram offers photo and video ads, as well as carousel ads, where several products or services can be advertised in one post.

Additionally, marketers can choose to advertise on Instagram “stories,” which only exist for 24-hours and are perfect for advertising time-sensitive promotions.

Facebook and Instagram Have Different User Demographics

One of the most important steps in creating an advertising campaign is defining the target market, or the group of people your advertising is directed towards.

A target market can be stratified in numerous ways, from age and gender to location and occupation.

Therefore, when deciding whether your brand should advertise on Facebook or Instagram, you should consider that they engage with different segments of the population.

While Facebook continues to engage with the largest and most diverse population, Instagram engages with a generally younger demographic. This is an important distinction when choosing how to advertise.

However, one of the biggest benefits of social media advertising as a whole is the advertiser's ability to clearly define and target an audience with which they can directly communicate.

On both Facebook and Instagram, you can define the demographics of your audience. Facebook advertising goes into greater detail and allows for a highly customized audience, while Instagram provides only basic demographic segmentation, like age and gender.

Facebook and Instagram Layouts Lend Themselves to Different Types of Content

As you may know, Facebook and Instagram have different layouts and functionality that affect which type of content is successful on each platform.

Instagram advertising is more about visual stimulation since a user cannot create text posts on Instagram.

Therefore, if you are advertising a product or service that requires visual representation, such as clothing or design services, Instagram would be the right platform for your business.

However, if you offer a service, like an online course, that requires testimonials and supporting text, Facebook would be a better platform for your advertising efforts.


Social media advertising , whether on Facebook or Instagram will increase your customer’s brand awareness and contribute to greater leads and sales.

Our team at Muse Media Marketing will not only help you create an engaging social media campaign but will also work directly with you to create a customized marketing strategy for your brand to determine which platform is best for you.

The marketing experts at Muse Media Marketing will ensure that your campaign demands the attention of consumers and engages with your target audience.

If you are ready to get your social media advertising campaign started, book a consultation with Muse Media Marketing today.

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