TV Advertising for Armenian Audiences

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TV advertising is one of the most effective ways of reaching Armenian audiences in the United States. Since TV advertising is highly targeted, it allows any business to reach a large, stratified section of the Armenian-speaking population in the US.

Due to the nature of English-dominant advertising in the United States, targeting foreign-language speakers can be challenging. However, it presents an opportunity to create a specialized campaign.

By communicating through foreign-language channels, like Pan Armenian and Horizon Armenian TV, marketers can directly and effectively advertise to their market.

Although television has been forced to compete with digital and online marketing it is specifically effective in targeting foreign-language speakers and therefore can be utilized in marketing campaigns directed at foreign audiences in the United States.

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General Advantages of TV Advertising

TV advertising remains a prominent part of the media mix because of its many advantages and ability to generate a large return on investment.

With its ability to directly reach any target audience, TV advertising is the perfect way to get the attention of your target market.

With its ability to reach approximately 95% of consumers in the United States , TV advertising has the power to transform the visibility of any marketing campaign.

Additionally, this reach can be even more lucrative by specifically advertising on channels that the target market watches, foreign language channels being a great example.

TV advertising is also highly engaging by captivating more than one of the consumer’s senses at a time, such as sight and sound. By stimulating the consumer both visually and auditorily, the advertiser demands more attention.

By fostering a high level of sensory engagement, TV advertising is a great way to showcase brand personality and clearly communicate to your audience what your brand stands for.

Finally, TV advertisements are an active experience, engaging the senses and forcing the viewer to process what they are experiencing at the moment.

Not only are TV advertisements easy to consume since the audience member does not have to exert additional effort to read or process the information, but also, if effective, TV advertisements remain in the audience member’s memory.

Armenian Population in the U.S.

Armenian Population in the U.S. is approximately half a million people .

More specifically, there are over 200,000 Armenian speakers in the United States, a significant population that presents an opportunity for highly-specialized advertising.

Like many other diaspora groups who have immigrated to the United States, Armenians love staying connected with their community and culture. One way they do this is through Armenian TV where they can watch Armenian language shows and keep up-to-date with the news.

Especially for older Armenians and those who prefer to speak in Armenian rather than English, foreign language channels fulfill these needs.

Best TV Advertisement Options for Targeting an Armenian Audience

Working with Armenian television channels with pre-existing, captive audiences is the perfect place to start when hoping to advertise to an Armenian Audience.

Horizon Armenian TV

First, there is Horizon Armenian TV , which reaches 400,000 Armenian homes and has been a trusted channel for serving the Armenian community. It offers advertising through TV commercials as well as social media.

Horizon Armenian TV provides a direct channel to the largest Armenian diaspora community in Southern California. It also claims that it’s demographic is highly educated and affluent, a highly desirable market for many advertisers.

Pan Armenian TV

Next, Pan Armenian TV is a media serving Armenians around the globe, operating a number of Armenian media outlets including “Armenia TV, ATV, ArmNews, LAV Radio, Radio JAN, NANE Magazine, and TV Mall Newspaper.”

Pan Armenian offers advertising plans that are fresh and effective, providing advertising on social media and other digital platforms. With its extensive reach throughout the United States, Pan Armenian TV will help your business create an effective campaign that reaches Armenian audiences.


TV advertising is a lucrative medium that will allow you to reach and engage with your target audience.

Especially when targeting foreign-language speakers can be challenging, TV advertising on the right channels will allow you to directly communicate with your audience.

In terms of Armenian-language programming, Horizon Armenian TV and Panarmenian TV connect thousands of Armenians around the world and provide fantastic opportunities to advertise to Armenians in the United States.

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