How to develop a successful Facebook ad campaign

posted byMuse Media MarketingAugust 9, 2021

In terms of social media advertising, Facebook's social network dominates. That is why a successful Facebook ad campaign is crucial for the success of most businesses.

Facebook advertising campaigns are usually the cheapest and easiest online advertising platform available to marketers.

In addition, they are fully optimizable.

It gives you more control over your advertising, but you need to know what you are doing for a Facebook ad campaign to be successful.

If not, you may be wasting your time and money.

In this article, we created a guide to teach you all about successful Facebook advertising in 2021.

Facebook receives a lot of data from users like location, gender, interests, age, etc.

Facebook can effectively serve personalized advertising and display products you may purchase or your favorite websites.

From Facebook you can even advertise on Instagram. You can choose to advertise on Facebook vs Instagram based on your audience and their interests.

Wondering how to promote your business using a Facebook Ad campaign? Then let's get started.

Target your audience

According to the latest statistics published by Facebook, it currently has 1.59 billion daily active users and can turn these users into customers.

Everyone from CEO to high school student uses Facebook and spends time on this platform to browse Facebook news feeds.

Therefore, if you want to know how to create or run online advertising on Facebook, you need to have a deep understanding of your target customers.

What if you do not know who is my target audience? You still have some options to start.

Let's take a look at these options:

Use page followers

If you already have a lot of likes on your page and want to turn your followers into customers, then Facebook ad optimization is a must.

You can choose people who have already linked to your page as your target audience.

This ad targeting makes sure that the users you advertise understand your business and are interested in the products you sell.

Custom audience

If you do not have many followers but have a customer list, then a custom audience might be a good choice.

You can upload your client list directly to Facebook, which can generate a similar user base. Similar to what you provided.

Run ad from scratch

What if I have a small list of followers and customers?

It is a common problem for numerous small businesses and start-ups but you can still start a Facebook ad campaign.

To build your audience from scratch, you need to click on the Everyone on Facebook option.

It can be challenging to narrow down a useful audience to everyone on Facebook, but Facebook Audience Insights is a great tool to help you solve this problem. First, you need to set the specific parameters you need.

For example, you may want online advertising only to people in the United States or to people over 18.

You can set these parameters before reviewing the data from Audience Insights.

After setting the parameters, you can start looking for data on your competitors' followers.

It provides a good starting point for training your target audience. In the "Interest" parameter, you can choose who likes the competitor's page.

After selecting these interests, the Audience insight tool will offer demographic information for the followers of these companies.

Data is collected from self-reported information provided to Facebook and third-party data providers.

You can use the information collected by Audience Insights to set your potential audience and use A/B group testing to determine your best audience.

Ensure your Facebook ad copy goes with your visual

Many small businesses and large B2B space companies do not immediately have a large number of images.

When posting the ad, there is a rush to make sure an image gets attached.

If you don't have a copy or picture, viewers will want to know what the ad promotes. It provide an unpleasant experience for Facebook users. It is unlikely to be clicked, and your ad will be wasted.

If you have trouble creating images for Facebook ads, you can use graphic designing tools such as Bannersnack, PicMonkey, Pablo by Buffer, and Canva to create your images.

Write a clear and conversational headline

Facebook Ads with boring perks and long sale pitches do not attract people. Use conversational tones to relax on the sales tricks.

A good headline can be a clever phrase. That can be a direct benefit of the product. There is no real skill in writing a title.

Our advice is to focus on brands that genuinely master the aesthetic and social principles of Facebook.

Some personal favorites are MVMT and You'll find that these brands tend to take a multi-party dialogue approach to their titles rather than traditional benefit-centric copy.

By the way, Facebook ad titles are usually the "text" field of the ad builder, not the "headline."

In Facebook's ad builder tool, you may have observed that the "headline" appears in the third position of the ad below the image.

It is not a headline because it will be the second thing you read in the ad. If you enter text in a text field, treat it as a title.

It is the first thing a potential customer sees and very important for successful Facebook ad campaign.

Stay focused with One Call-to-Action

The best online advertising on Facebook has clear goals.

Do you want to increase brand awareness, attract potential customers, or sell your product?

Either way, your ad should have a clear and attractive call to action.

Facebook users will see your ad without it, but you won't know where to click or what to do.

Consider the psychology of color

When designing a Facebook ad, the colors selection is as important as your images and text.

In particular, you can use colors for the following purposes:

  • Use contrast to capture the reader's eye
  • Define your brand identity (e.g., Facebook's blue hue)

Design for mobile

In 2020, 79% of Facebook users only logged into Facebook via their mobile devices.

Facebook's ad design strategy needs to move first to make maximum profit.

One of the easiest methods to consider mobile devices is to make videos and images vertical, so they work better on mobile.

With so many social media users on their mobile devices, there's no point in reverting to desktop advertising.

Ideally, you should optimize each ad for its format and placement, but if you need to narrow it down, consider mobile-first, then desktop devices.


There is a lot to know about the changing potential of Facebook advertising, but the guide above gives you everything you need to get started today.

Before you create a Facebook marketing campaign, take the time to define your marketing campaign strategy and define where you can use a Facebook ad campaign to grow your business in the sales funnel.

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