Why choose RTVI TV Advertising Channel for Russian audience

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TV advertising is one of the most prominent forms of advertising for Russian-speaking audiences in the United States. It allows any business to reach a large, very targeted, and stratified portion of the Russian speaking population in the US.

Targeting specific audiences, such as foreign-language speakers, can be challenging and requires a highly effective marketing campaign. However, by communicating through foreign-language channels, like RTVI, marketers can directly advertise to their market.

Although television has been forced to compete with digital and online marketing and tends to be quite costly, it is specifically effective in targeting foreign-language speakers.

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General Advantages of TV Advertising

TV advertising has many advantages that allow it to remain a prominent part of the media mix.

TV advertising has a fantastic reach, demanding the attention of almost any target audience.

With its ability to reach approximately 95% of consumers in the United States, TV advertising has the power to transform the visibility of any marketing campaign.

Additionally, this reach can be targeted by only advertising on a channel that the target market watches.

Another advantage of TV advertising is its ability to engage more than one of the consumer’s senses at a time.

The use of tactics that are both visually and auditorily stimulating, makes tv advertising highly engaging and therefore demands attention.

By fostering a high level of sensory engagement, TV advertising is a great way to showcase brand personality and clearly communicate to your audience what your brand stands for.

Finally, because TV commercials engage the senses, they become an active experience.

Not only are they easy to consume since the audience member does not have to exert additional effort to read or process the information, but also, if effective, TV advertisements remain in the audience member’s memory.

Russian speaking population in the US

In the United States, there are 5.5 million Russian speakers .

This is a large population with specific media interests that can be utilized when advertising.

Therefore, when attempting to target a Russian audience, it is essential to advertise on the media this population interacts with.

Data shows that the majority of the Russian-speaking population in the United States are bilingual, however, many of them choose to specifically tune into Russian-language media.

This means it is increasingly important to engage with Russian media when advertising to the Russian population.

Why Choose TV Advertising For Russians?

TV advertising provides an opportunity to specifically target the Russian population through Russian-language programming.

Russian-language programming also presents the opportunity for celebrity sponsorship with Russian celebrities.

With the level of exposure RTVI provides, Russian celebrities would be excited to work with brands advertising to the Russian population in the United States.

Russian celebrities tend to be flexible and are willing to work with brands in order to get exposure for themselves in the American media environment.

Why RTVI Is The Best

RTVI is a Russian-language television network that serves the Russian population globally.

Audience members from the United States make up one of the largest portions of its viewership.

Ranking in the top-3 most popular Russian-language TV channels, RTVI reaches 11 million people worldwide and 3.5 million in the United States.

This level of potential advertising reach will put your business on the map, anywhere in the world.

Since more than 5.5 million Russian-speakers utilize RTVI, an advertiser can gain access to 64% of their target market in one place.

By advertising through RTVI, an advertiser can directly engage with the Russian-speaking population, increasing their campaign’s likelihood for success.

Types of Advertising

RTVI offers multiple advertising avenues, each of which serves different price-points and brand needs.

The first way a brand can advertise with RTVI is through sponsorship.

A video bumper that reads “sponsored by” is placed before or after a commercial break.

This is a great way to create top-of-mind brand awareness with your audience.

The next form of TV advertising offered by RTVI is direct placement.

This gives your brand a 15-30 second slot for four weeks.

Additionally, a brand can advertise with RTVI through commercials.

This option helps fully communicate the brand personality and truly encompasses the needs of the business.


TV advertising is a lucrative platform that will allow you to reach virtually any audience.

Especially when targeting foreign-language speakers, TV advertising will allow you to directly communicate with your chosen audience.

In terms of Russian-language programming, RTVI connects millions of Russians around the world and provides fantastic opportunities to advertise to Russians in the United States.

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