Muse Media Marketing actively worked with RTVI, an international multimedia platform for the Russian speaking community, to increase the channel’s online visibility and extend its audience reach. Our team has also led the creation and design of their high-tech TV studio.




● Studio Design & Creation
● Outdoor & Indoor Advertising
● Content Production


● Sales increased by 25%
● Increased social media reach
● 15% higher conversation rate
● Improved local & international brand awareness

The goals

RTVI Channel commissioned Muse Media Marketing to create a powerful advertising strategy for its channel, focused on increasing brand awareness and online visibility. The famous channel was also looking to reach a wider audience offline and online and to improve its followers' engagement. Finally, RTVI Channel also commissioned our professional team to create and design their new high-technology TV studio.

The strategy

Muse Media Marketing worked on defining an effective advertising strategy for RTVI Channel which included professional content creation and outdoor & indoor advertising. We helped RTVI select the best communication channels and create powerful ad campaigns to reach its target audience. We focused on creating powerful brand messages that will be displayed across multiple offline and online platforms. Our team also worked on designing a creative and modern TV studio for RTVI Channel.

"Our channel attracted new local & international viewers and clients, which lead to a 25% increase in sales growth."

The results

With the successful implementation of our advertising campaign, RTVI Channel experienced a six-fold increase in social media views. The channel has also substantially increased its social media reach, which has attracted new viewers to the Channel. Our outdoor & indoor advertising campaigns have also allowed RTVI Channel to increase its conversion rate by 15%. Overall, the Channel sales increased by 25% and the channel was able to gain new clients and viewers.