Romanov Restaurant & Lounge

Muse Media Marketing actively worked with Romanov Restaurant & Lounge, a Los Angeles based restaurant and lounge, to increase its online presence and visibility, and generate awareness of their new branding on major social media platforms.




● Branding
● Social Media Ads
● Direct Mail Marketing


● Reservations increased by 80%
● High overseas brand awareness
● Hollywood stars, mayors, governors visits

The goals

● Create new visual branding guidelines and define a unique brand identity.
● Strengthen their online presence to expand and solidify the important traffic they had in their restaurant and lounge.
● Expand their audience and attract a higher number of local and international customers.
● Increase reservations and visits to the restaurant and lounge.

The strategy

Muse Media Marketing created a custom advertising strategy for Romanov that included tailored Google ads and social media ads on Facebook, Instagram. The ads campaigns were optimized with the top keywords for Romanov’s industry. Our strategic plan also focused on TripAdvisor and Yelp management as they are key communication channels for the restaurant and entertainment industry. Finally, we actively worked with Romanov on their branding guidelines including visual content and brand communications.

"We got new customers coming in from other cities and even countries to experience Romanov's dining with acrobatics shows, everyone is talking about in social media."

The results

With a successful implementation of our advertising strategy, Romanov was able to increase its number of reservations by 80%. They were also able to reach a local and international audience. This resulted in a higher number of new customers coming in from other cities and countries. Romanov also strengthened its reputation as a dining spot that you must visit when you are traveling to Los Angeles.