Olive & Grill

Muse Media Marketing was in charge of creating original branding guidelines and powerful marketing campaigns for Olive and Grill, a Los Angeles based restaurant specialized in Mediterranean food.




● Branding
● Menus Design
● Direct Mail Marketing
● Google Ads
● Social Media Ads


● Restaurant traffic increased by 70%
● 1-week wait time for weekends reservations
● Successful launch of catering services
● Successful lunch hours opening

The goals

● Create a strong branding strategy that included formulating brand guidelines for design.
● Establish Olive and Grill's positioning and messaging.
● Map out a social media strategy that will help grow online presence in the long-term.

The strategy

Muse Media Marketing created a new visual brand identity for Olive and Grill, in order to amplify the brand’s messages. We used direct mail marketing to send out brochures about Olive and Grill, in order to generate more awareness of the restaurant located in Studio City. We also created a custom advertising strategy for Olive and Grill that included creating and optimizing Google ads and social media ads on Facebook, Instagram. Finally, we also actively worked on TripAdvisor and Yelp management for the brand to increase online reviews.

The results

With a successful implementation of our marketing and branding strategy, Olive and Grill increased its number of reservations by 50%. Olive and Grill have also expanded its clientele, especially on the weekends during which restaurant reservations are constantly in high demand. Finally, the online and offline advertising campaigns that were launched allowed Olive and Grill to raise brand awareness and brand recognition.

"Our restaurant reservations and traffic increased by 50% after the successful launch of our ad campaigns."