Muse Dental Group

Muse Media Marketing actively worked with Muse Dental Group, a dental office located in Los Angeles that specializes in cosmetic dentistry, to develop a brand concept and strategy to increase their visibility and leads.


2020 - present


● full rebranding
● social media management
● content production
● website development
● TV ads


● Achieved a growth rate of 55% during the pandemic
● Increased traffic by 660%
● Successfully implemented SEO strategies
● Increased social media reach

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The goals

Muse Media Marketing helped Muse Dental develop an advertising strategy that focused on branding, social media management, and website development. Muse Dental wanted to re-establish its brand and needed content and a website that would increase the number of patients visiting their website and booking appointments.

The strategy

Muse Media Marketing developed an effective advertising strategy for Muse Dental which included professional content creation and full brand development. We helped Muse Dental acquire more patients through search engine optimization techniques and fresh social media and website content.

"We got new customers coming in from other cities and even countries to experience Romanov's dining with acrobatics shows, everyone is talking about in social media."

The results

With the successful implementation of our advertising campaign, Muse Dental Group was able to not only maintain but also increase momentum during the pandemic, when many businesses were suffering. The brand concept and strategy that we fully developed led to more patient leads and appointments.

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