Muse Media Marketing actively worked with the trendy popup restaurant Mixtape to create a strong media strategy for the restaurant launch. Our agency also worked on growing Mixtape’s audience after its launch through online advertising campaigns.




● Public Relations
● Branding & Graphic Design
● Google Ads
● Social Media Marketing


● Restaurant traffic increased by 50% during the first 2 months after opening
● A defined and unique restaurant identity
● High A-class media coverage following the launch
● Collaboration with Jay-Z’s ROC Nation

The goals

● Create a strong branding strategy for the unique pop-up restaurant inspired by music.
● Define visual branding guidelines and create design collaborations with famous musicians.
● Increase Mixtape's media exposure during and after its launch to increase the restaurant’s foot traffic.

The strategy

Muse Media Marketing helped Mixtape define a strong visual identity that gave its unique look to the brand. With successful collaborations with music artists Jaden Smith, Quincy Jones, and Serj Tankian, Mixtape was set to create a vibrant brand visual identity centered around music. Our team also focused on creating an effective public relations strategy to raise awareness around the restaurant and the Mixtape launch event. The creation of optimized ad campaigns also allowed the brand to reach a larger audience of potential new customers.

"We received high media exposure and we expanded our clientele by 50% in the first 3 months of opening."

The results

Mixtape was able to establish a unique and lively visual brand identity, at the image of its eclectic menu and vibrant decoration. We also successfully collaborated with Jay Z - ROC Nation company for public relations purposes. With a well-defined public relations strategy in hand, Mixtape was featured in some of the most popular magazines: Forbes, Eater LA, Hollywood Reporter, LA Magazine, LA Times, LA Weekly, Time Out, and Gayot. After its launch, the restaurant attracted a high number of new clients, and it expanded its clientele by 50% during the first 3 months after opening.