Lauréate Aesthetics

Muse Media Marketing actively worked with Lauréate Aesthetics, a Los Angeles-based cosmetic treatment center, to develop a marketing strategy to increase their reach and help launch their business.




● Full Branding
● Social Media management
● Content production
● Website development
● TV ads


● Fully developed brand concept and strategy
● Successfully launched the business
● Achieved consistent bookings
● Increased social media reach

"Muse Media helped us establish a strong brand image and implement it into our marketing strategy."

The goals

Muse Media Marketing worked closely with Laureate LA to create a powerful advertising strategy, focused on branding, social media management, and website development. The cosmetic treatment center needed content that would engage its target audience, such as tv advertisements.

The strategy

Muse Media Marketing developed an effective advertising strategy for Laureate LA which included professional content creation. We helped Laureate LA reach its target audience through engaging content and television advertisements. We focused on creating a powerful brand voice that remains consistent across all channels. A branding firm Part and Parcel developed brand strategy, naming and visual identity elements.

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The results

With the implementation of our advertising campaign, Laureate LA successfully launched their business. The brand concept and strategy that we fully developed led to consistent bookings. Additionally, our content production and digital marketing strategies increased Laureate LA’s social media reach.

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