LA Attorneys Group

Muse Media Marketing actively worked with the LA Attorneys, a Los Angeles-based law office that specializes in immigration and personal injury law, to develop a website that increased conversions as well as SEO and PPC strategy to bolster their advertising and increase the number of leads.


2019 - present


● website development
● PPC (online Google ads)
● TV ads


● Increased leads by 110%
● New clients acquired
● Expanding client base during COVID-19
● Successfully implemented SEO strategies
● Successfully increased lead generation through PCC advertising

The goals

Muse Media Marketing worked with LA Attorneys to develop an advertising strategy that prioritized website development through search engine optimization and focused on digital marketing strategies, such as PPC advertising and Google Ads. LA Attorneys wanted to increase the traffic on their website the number of leads.

The strategy

Muse Media Marketing created a multi-channel advertising strategy for LA Attorneys in order to amplify thier online presence. We used PPC marketing in order to generate more awareness of the law office through Google Ads. We also created a custom advertising strategy for LA Attorneys that prioritized web development and search engine optimization (SEO). The main goal was to increase their overall online presence and brand visibility.

LA Attorneys Group:

"We receive a large influx of qualified leads through successful Google Advertising efforts."

The results for LA Attorneys Group

With the successful implementation of our advertising campaign, LA Attorneys was able to increase their leads by 110%. Through these digital strategies, LA Attorneys generated more leads and increased their online visibility. LA Attorneys was able to acquire many new clients, despite the hardships of operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. To conclude, LA Attorneys was able to acquire new clients because of our highly specialized digital marketing strategies.

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